Amazon Echo can order delivery from Domino's for the Super Bowl

Domino's is syncing up with the popular smart home speaker, putting pizza just a voice command away.

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Amazon Echo


Pizza is a no-brainer on Super Bowl Sunday, and this year, you'll be able to get your order in simply by asking Alexa, the voice-activated assistant housed with the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

The magical pizza powers come by way of a new integration between Echo and Domino's that isn't live just yet, but should be running in time for the big game on February. You'll find it in Alexa's ever-growing list of "Skills" -- turn it on and link your account to your Domino's Pizza Profile (a thing!), and you'll be able to ask her to place an order for you, or check the status of an existing order. No word yet on whether or not Alexa will roll her eyes and call you a lazy, gluttonous waste of sentience.

This is far from the first gimmicky way of ordering pizza from Domino's. Previous brand breakthroughs include the ability to order pizza from your smart TV, from your Twitter account, or even by texting Domino's a pizza emoji.

Alexa learned a bunch of new tricks at CES 2016

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On the Echo side of the things, the Domino's integration is just the latest in a long, steady series of new tricks in Alexa's toolkit. The speaker was everywhere we looked at CES last month, with a number of third parties announcing integrations that can put Echo in control of a variety of gadgets and services.

Echo is already primed to play a role this Sunday, with Amazon set to feature the popular smart speaker in its first-ever Super Bowl ad. Along with Alexa, the ad will star Alec Baldwin and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.

Maybe the most interesting thing here is that a third party-brand as broad as Domino's sees Amazon Echo as a worthy way of connecting with the masses on Super Bowl Sunday. If that isn't a sign of how far the smart speaker has come, I don't know what is.