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Amazon announces revamped Echo Dot with Clock speaker

The company's smaller, cheaper smart speakers have had the spherical makeover too.


Amazon on Thursday unveiled a new version of its Echo Dot with Clock smart speaker. This latest version now has a spherical shape, the same as the company's new Echo. Both products were announced during its fall product launch event for 2020.

In addition to its refreshed shape and LED digital display, the device also has a 1.6-inch front-firing speaker. The price is set at $60 (£60) with the clock and $50 (£50) without, and both will ship in three colors: twilight blue, charcoal and glacier white. 

You can also buy a child-friendly Kids Edition of the product, with a cute exterior -- panda or tiger -- but minus the clock function. The new Echo Dots are available for preorder now and should ship later this year. 

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