ADT now offers Nest thermostat integration across the US

After a limited release to select cities, the Nest Learning Thermostat should now work with ADT Pulse subscriptions nationwide.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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John Kim/CNET

ADT added the Nest Learning Thermostat to its Pulse home security platform back in July, but only extended access to select cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Miami. Today, ADT is scaling up that initial release so that new and existing Pulse subscribers across the US can add Nest thermostats to their smart-home setups.

ADT installs security and automation accessories in homes, and charges a monthly fee for 24/7 call center monitoring. One of its services, Pulse, comes with companion Android and iPhone apps as well as a Web interface for keeping an eye on things on the go.

Historically, outfits like ADT have relied exclusively on their own hardware -- everything from open/close sensors on doors and windows to motion detectors and live-streaming security cameras -- but ADT is slowly embracing the changing market by integrating with Nest.

Nest, a startup-turned- Google/Alphabet property, is another story. Its Works with Nest initiative is specifically designed to connect Nest-brand devices with products from other manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz , Whirlpool , August and SkyBell are just some of its many smart-home partners.

In addition to its flagship product, the Learning Thermostat (now in its third generation), the Nest lineup also includes a security camera and a smoke and carbon monoxide detector . The company has partnered with Yale on a Weave-integrated lock due out in early 2016, too.

ADT promises that this is just the beginning for third-party product integrations via the Pulse app, but the security company has been slow to deliver in the past. Last January, it announced an upcoming IFTTT channel and in May, it announced plans to collaborate with LG on a standalone security device -- neither of which have yet come to fruition.

Competing services such as AT&T's Digital Life are announcing partnerships with other manufacturers too, making ADT's position even less certain. Check back for updates as we continue to watch the evolving home security market. And in the meantime, find out what security system is protecting the CNET Smart Home.