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Capture 360-degree home-security video with the $52 Zmodo Pivot

This unique cam (which is also a Bluetooth speaker!) includes two door/window sensors and originally sold for $150. Plus: Sweet sport earbuds for $20.

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The Zmodo Pivot kick-starts your home-security system by including a pair of door/window sensors.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

As you know, I have mad love for the Wyze Cam, a $20 Wi-Fi camera that's way more capable than its price would suggest.

But it has a few limitations, chief among them the inability to pan: If you want to see what's happening outside its field of view, well, tough luck.

For whole-room viewing, check this out: Today only, and while supplies last, Meh has the Zmodo Pivot security cam for $52, plus $5 for shipping. It runs $99 at Amazon and originally sold for $149.

The Pivot is a monolithic cyclops that can capture a full 360 degrees. That's probably overkill when you think about it, unless you're able to find a spot for it that's roughly in the center of a room. But I can see placing it on, say, an end table and using it to pan 180 degrees or more.

The other interesting part of the package: Zmodo provides two wireless, battery-powered door and window sensors. If one of them gets triggered, the camera will automatically pan toward it and start recording. You can add more sensors to the mix, as well as other Zmodo security products (including its smart, Ring-style doorbell).

The Pivot also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, definitely a nice little perk, and has built-in temperature and humidity sensors. It also has 16GB of built-in storage for recording video (though no option to add more).

I haven't tried it myself, but CNET reviewed the Zmodo Pivot about two years ago. Interestingly, the two big dings -- no cloud storage, no support for smart-home integrations -- have been addressed! Zmodo now offers 36 hours' worth of cloud-stored alert clips at no charge, a 7-day cloud plan for $4.99 a month and a 30-day plan for $9.99 (with discounts available for annual subscriptions).

There's also a Zmodo skill available for Alexa, and Meh's product page indicates Google Assistant support as well -- though I can't find much else on the subject of smart-home integration. (Personally, I don't see where that's a big deal; I suspect most folks will be relying on the app anyway.)

Here's what I do know: $52 is a great price for a versatile home-security cam that includes door and window sensors and, now, cloud recording.

Your thoughts?


Magnets help prevent "flop-around."


Bonus deal: Yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, I polled runners to ask after their preferred style of headphone: On-ear, neckband, sport 'bud, etc. The winner by a mile: In-ear sport 'buds.

Like these: For a limited time, you can score the Aukey EP-B40 Wireless Headphones for $20 shipped. That's after applying promo code AUKEYB40 at checkout. They normally run $30; this is the lowest price to date, according to Aukey.

These are pretty straightforward sweat and rain-resistant sport earphones, with three sizes of noise-isolating ear tips and accompanying rubber "wings" to help keep them secure in your ear. The earbuds themselves are magnetic, so they can clip together when you take them out of your ears -- and won't flop around so much as you continue walking or running.

I like the little control strip, with separated buttons that are much easier to operate by feel than some of the tiny, jammed-together ones you often see on sport 'phones.

Aukey promises up to eight hours of operation on a charge and backs the product with a 24-month warranty. Well over 900 buyers rated the EP-B40 4.1 stars out of 5 -- and I bet anyone who found the sound "tinny" or lacking in bass didn't seat the tips properly in their ears.