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Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Dyson says it's done making corded vacuums

Dyson bets big on cordless stick vacs by pulling the plug on future corded models.

Dyson has pulled the plug on corded vacuums. At a press conference in New York to unveil a series of new products, company founder and inventor James Dyson said they will only work to improve cordless models from now on. Referencing the Cyclone V10 stick vac, Dyson said, "This is why I've stopped developing corded vacuums." The product is the latest in Dyson's line of cordless, battery-powered, and compact vacuum cleaners. 

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Like the V8 model before it, the Cyclone V10 is mostly all electric motor. This gives it lots of power despite a relatively small size and light weight compared to conventional upright vacuums. The basic model starts at $500 in the US, £400 in the UK and AU$900 in Australia, climbing to $700 for the tricked out Cyclone V10 Absolute. The Cyclone V10 is available now for purchase directly through Dyson with wider retail presence soon after.

The launch of the Cyclone V10 doesn't mean Dyson will stop selling its upright models, at least for now. At the time of writing the company still sells its Ball vacuums on its website. That said we haven't exactly been thrilled by these cleaners. They're big, heavy, and often fail to remain in their upright position, crashing to the floor unexpectedly. 

Dyson also announced updates to its Pure Cool lineup of smart air purifiers. The new machines will now have enhanced air quality detection system that's able to sniff out VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels. A separate sensor scans to both identify and determine particle size. Current Dyson connected air purifiers lack this level of air quality detail. 

Dyson will sell large and small sizes of the Pure Cool ($550 and $450). Both models are available for direct purchase immediately via Dyson showrooms and the company's website