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Dyson's new Pure Cool Link will replace its first-gen Pure Cool air purifier.


Luxury small-appliance maker Dyson is adding a $500 app-connected air purifier, dubbed the Pure Cool Link, to its product lineup today.

Dyson introduced its first-gen version, the Pure Cool, last March. Available in the US for $500 and the UK for £350 (it's not yet in Australia, but that's about AU$650), this high-end indoor cleaner promised to rid your home of nearly 100 percent of the "ultrafine particles" like pet hair, mold and pollen that can make it harder to breathe. With help from a 360-degree glass HEPA filter, the Pure Cool was supposed to hold on to most of that harmful stuff and return clean air back into your home via a built-in fan (that can also act as a regular fan during warmer months).

This new Link version, also $500 and £350, promises all of the same air-cleaning features, but in a first for Dyson, it also tacks on a related app for Android and iPhone users.

With Dyson's Link app, you're supposed to be able to check in on indoor and outdoor air quality at a glance. But the real standout feature is that the Link app is designed to use that pollutant data to automatically tweak the settings on the Pure Cool Link purifier to perform optimally. (Dyson's 360 Eye robot vacuum is also supposed to work with the Link app when it goes on sale later this year.)

Inside the Dyson Link app.


The Pure Cool Link air purifier is also outfitted with a "night-time auto mode" that's supposed to dim the LED display and use quieter settings when you're asleep.

Dyson's new Pure Cool Link is available in the US now for $500, as either a tower (better for larger spaces) or a desk model (better for smaller spaces). In the UK the desk model is £350 and the tower £450. That's pricey for sure, but it's also pretty standard for Dyson, which sells an assortment of premium appliances from vacuum cleaners to humidifiers; recent reports have even claimed that the company is working on an electric car.