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Dyson Cyclone V10: Seriously powerful cordless vacuum starts at $500

The trio of new models are built to be Dyson's most powerful stick vacuum cleaners yet.

Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett

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The Cyclone V10's main unit holds its improved motor and battery.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

You've probably never fantasized about owning a fancy stick vac. But Dyson's new Cyclone V10 Absolute, which costs $700 in the US, £450 in the UK and AU$1,000 in Australia, just might be the vacuum to change your mind. This lightweight floor cleaner is ultra compact and operates entirely cord-free. Despite that, according to Dyson, it's powerful enough to sub in for full-blown upright vacuums.

Familiar stick vac design

The Cyclone V10 is not a novel concept. This vacuum is the latest in a long line of Dyson cyclonic floorcare models, and the V10 is the direct successor to the Cyclone V8. Just like the V8 model before it, the Cyclone V10 is mostly all electric motor. You attach or remove various accessories to the V10's main motor unit. What cleaning tool you choose depends on the job you're about to tackle.

There are plenty of options to pick from. They include soft roller heads for hardwood, dusting brushes, and crevices tools for getting at tight spots. These add-on parts are all compact, lightweight, and designed for maneuverability. They're included in the premium Cyclone V10 Absolute package as well. 

A long wand attachment extends your reach. Using the wand plus one of the large head tools transforms the appliance into an upright configuration. If your car interior's a mess, snap on a smaller tool only. The shorter length is handy for wielding the vacuum within small confines.

Dyson's Cyclone V10 stick vac has amped up power

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New and improved abilities

All this flexibility is possible because the Cyclone V10's critical parts reside in its handled motor unit. This includes an air filter dirt bin, and rechargeable battery. Dyson claims the battery offers more runtime than the V8 too (60 minutes compared with 40 minutes). Even so, Dyson says the V10 will have 20 percent more suction (150 Air Watts) than the V8 (120 Air Watts). You'll still need to devote some time to charge the V10's battery, which should take about three and a half hours.

The dustbin now empties from the front, not the bottom like the old model. That improvement may sound minor but it's quite welcome. This solution is easier to aim towards the trash can. That prevents less collected dirt from escaping back to the floor. Also new is an indicator light for the filter. It's designed to light up when your filter needs a cleaning.

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The Cyclone V10 in its primary upright vacuum form.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Availability and outlook

The Cyclone V10, however, is far from cheap. The basic model starts at $500 in the US, £400 in the UK and AU$900 in Australia and climbs to $700 for the tricked out Cyclone V10 Absolute. The Cyclone V10 is available now for purchase directly through Dyson. Shoppers can expect wider retail availability beginning March 13.

Watch this: Dyson's new Cyclone V10 stick vac now has more suction power
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