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Best Gifts for Grandparents in 2022

Show Grandma and Grandpa just how much you love them with a thoughtful holiday gift.

There's no one quite like your grandparents. I mean, who else always has your favorite snacks on hand, a few extra dollars for you and delicious home-cooked meals every time you swing by? And if you're looking to pay them back this holiday season, you're going to need to go above and beyond in the gift department. 

Many grandparents put in hours of work helping raise grandkids, reading bedtime stories and shuttling them to practice. Plus, Gram and Gramps are always there for you with a hug and words of encouragement, and the holidays are a perfect time to throw some of that love and appreciation right back at 'em. 

personalized gift or a handmade present always goes a long way. But if you're looking to really spoil Bubbe and Pepaw this year, we've rounded up 13 solid gifts for grandparents that they're sure to love (especially since it's coming from you).


Amazon's all-new Paperwhite is a worthwhile upgrade for the grandparent who likes reading e-books. This version features a larger 6.8-inch display and an adjustable warm light. The regular version has 8GB of storage while the Signature Edition boasts 32GB ($190) -- plenty of space for favorite book titles. 

Williams Sonoma

If there's one gift that's almost universally fail-proof, it's snacks, and Williams Sonoma has the gift basket thing figured out. This impressive tower of treats includes chocolate-dipped orange slices, chocolate-dipped pretzels, dried apricots, roasted salted almonds, nuts and crunch snack mix, and a foil-wrapped milk chocolate pear -- all for $60.

Eric Baradat/AFP/Getty Images

Grandma and grandpa love talking about their heritage. Why not help them learn more about it with a DNA kit? 23andMe is one of CNET's favorite DNA testing services, thanks to its ease of use. The basic ancestry and traits test includes an analysis of your genetic makeup including your regions of origin, maternal and paternal lineage and Neanderthal ancestry. Once you opt in, the company's match database -- which has more than 10 million profiles -- will identify and offer to connect you with people who share a DNA match with you. 

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Trending Custom

Create a custom doormat featuring the World's Best Grandparents -- yours! This is a fun gift that's sure to bring a smile to grandparents who appreciate holiday humor. Opt for one grandparent or two, choose how they look, and even add names on this 24-by-16-inch mat. You can preview before purchasing to ensure that it's perfect. This personalized gift is a great Christmas gift for your grandparents during this holiday season.


If ever there were a perfectly comforting shawl, this is it. Demdaco's Giving Shawl is generously sized, seriously soft and cozy -- Grandma will love having two deep pockets for anything she needs to keep on hand. Bonus: The Giving Shawl comes boxed with a ribbon for gifting and includes a bookmark with a touching message. It's available in sage, pink, taupe and cream.


Puzzle and game brand Ravensburger's Cozy line is a huge hit with the grandparents. The 500 large-format pieces are optimal for older adults because they're easier to see and handle. And check out the soothing winter scene: a roaring fire, fluffy pets and a steaming cup of tea. Grandma can really get swept up in the Cozy Retreat puzzle during and after the holidays!

$20 at Amazon
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This set of lamps is such a sweet gift: Keep one, give the other to grandparents and whenever you touch your lamp, the other one glows to let your loved ones know you're reaching out. The lamps set up easily using home Wi-Fi, and more can be added -- so you could potentially set up a family lamp network. You can also customize these lamps with over 200 color options.

$169 at Amazon
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Shutterfly has lots of affordable photo book options, including one that's geared specifically towards grandparents. It's a great way to compile family memories and capture all their favorite moments with the grandkids. Customize it by choosing your size, cover type, page type and more. Pricing varies depending on the design you choose.


Who doesn't appreciate a cozy pair of slippers in December? Treat the grandparents to a pair of Bombas' trendy Gripper Slippers, a slipper and sock hybrid with a fuzzy brushed interior lining. They pack down flat for travel, and they've got grips on the outside to prevent slipping. 

Click and Grow

This Click & Grow indoor herb garden is a thoughtful gift for any grandparent who enjoys having fresh herbs on hand. Grams or Gramps can enjoy growing basil, parsley, cilantro and even tomatoes year-round. You technically don't even need to have a green thumb, it's that easy. Just fill the base with water, put the pods in and watch your sprouts grow. All you need to do is add a little water every now and then. Easy-peasy. 

$80 at Amazon
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Uncommon Goods

This beautiful cloth-bound journal contains prompts designed to get the recipient writing. Grandparents can document interesting anecdotes, wisdom and tidbits of information that will be valuable to pass on. My Life Story -- So Far has 106 pages and comes with 36 photo corners for adding pictures to the journal. Over 500 five-star reviews tell you that this is a quality gift.


Send family photos and videos (up to 15 seconds) straight to this 10.1-inch digital frame. It's a great way for grandparents to view all the latest grandkid exploits. Use the Nixplay app to control the frame, which can connect to Google Photos, Dropbox, Instagram and Facebook. A motion sensor starts the slideshow, and the frame can also be connected to Amazon Alexa. Just don't forget to set it up in case tech support isn't in Grandma's wheelhouse.

$122 at Amazon
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Personalization Mall

Grandma or Grandpa can serve their favorite dishes with pride in this personalized ceramic dish. The hand-glazed stoneware piece (available in red or turquoise) measures 14 x 10 x 2.75 inches and one line of text can be added.