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Home Sustainability Cheat Sheet: Effective Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly

We've accumulated CNET's expert, energy-saving tips that can lower your environmental footprint and utility bills.

Macy Meyer Editor I
Macy Meyer is a N.C. native who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2021 with a B.A. in English and Journalism. She currently resides in Charlotte, N.C., where she has been working as an Editor I, covering a variety of topics across CNET's Home and Wellness teams, including home security, fitness and nutrition, smart home tech and more. Prior to her time at CNET, Macy was featured in The News & Observer, The Charlotte Observer, INDY Week, and other state and national publications. In each article, Macy helps readers get the most out of their home and wellness. When Macy isn't writing, she's volunteering, exploring the town or watching sports.
Expertise Macy covers a variety of topics across CNET's Home and Wellness teams, including home security, smart home tech, fitness, nutrition, travel, lifestyle and more. Credentials
  • Macy has been working for CNET for coming on 2 years. Prior to CNET, Macy received a North Carolina College Media Association award in sports writing.
Macy Meyer
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home sustainability

You can take simple steps to make your home more green and save some money on your bills.

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It's a great time to think about making some small, sustainable changes around your home. Besides being good for the environment, cutting down on your energy usage and going green at home often has the added benefit of saving you money on utilities, too. 

Over the years, CNET's staff has written many articles providing extensive advice on green and solar energy, how to save that energy and how you can take steps to help reduce your environmental impact. We've compiled a cheat sheet full of our expert advice on all these topics, to help answer your most pressing energy-saving and home sustainability questions. 

For more green tips, try these eight ways to make your home a little more eco-friendly. And if you like this cheat sheet guide, you can also explore our solar cheat sheet and our home internet cheat sheet

What devices can help you save energy around the home?

Here at CNET, we've tested dozens of energy-saving devices over the years to help you figure out which is best for your needs. Here are our favorites:

Small changes you can make around the house to save energy (and money) 

Here Are 23 Ways to Save On Your Electric Bills Right Now

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Summer is quickly approaching, and that can mean spiked energy use

Not only can trying to beat the brutal summer heat be tough on your wallet (costing on average between $75 and $175 per month to run a central air conditioning system), but it can also be a real drain on energy. Here are ways to save on AC usage.

There are easy ways to go green in the kitchen, too

Families often spend a ton of time in the kitchen. While it's one of the centers of the home, it's also a major area for producing waste.

Close up view of hands of young woman sorting garbage in kitchen.
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Reduce, reuse, recycle. But please make sure you're doing it correctly

If you're trying to make your home more sustainable and reduce your environmental footprint, one of the first things you'll learn is to recycle. Recycling is an efficient way to manage the 139.6 million tons of waste that heads to US landfills every year. But it can be a helpful practice only if you actually do it right, which is sometimes not as easy as you may think.

For more eco-friendly tips, here's how you can lower your energy usage as a renter. You can also explore these sustainable products that make going green easier than ever in 2023, and these sustainable clothing brands

More sustainable tips and recs for you: