Peloton Guide is Finally Here to Correct Your Workout Form at Home

Peloton's latest product is small enough for any home.

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Peloton Guide is a smart home gym and personal trainer in one workout program.


Peloton users and new members are in for a treat with Peloton's newest product, Peloton Guide. The fitness giant announced on Tuesday that its new Peloton Guide is on sale in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Peloton originally introduced the camera-equipped TV-set-top box device late last year. 

Through a wide-angle camera that uses AI technology, it analyzes and provides feedback on your form and lets you view yourself as you do home workouts via your TV. Peloton Guide is also able to determine which of your muscle groups need rest or are ready to be targeted by your workout, creating a personalized exercise experience.


Peloton Guide includes a camera that uses AI technology to provide you with feedback on your form and improve your user experience.


The Guide retails at $295 and provides access to Peloton's live and on-demand library with a focus on its new strength training features and classes. Existing Peloton members and new members will have a chance to claim introductory pricing to the All-Access Membership at $24 a month (down from $39) through the rest of 2022. 

Some new features in the Peloton Guide that will keep you motivated include:

  • Movement Tracker: The Guide camera tracks your movement and motivates users to keep working through a specific exercise during their workout.
  • Body Activity: The Guide's AI technology also helps curate a well-balanced workout for you because it recognizes which muscle groups you've already worked out that week. Therefore, you'll never miss an upper-body or lower-body workout since the program has it figured out for you.
  • Self Mode: Using the camera in this feature allows you to see yourself on screen alongside an instructor to check your form. If you'd like to check your form before class, there's also a movement details feature that lets you access the exercises ahead of time.

Peloton already offers hundreds of classes and options to choose from, but it's expanding its selection with some new strength classes. The three newest classes that will join the roster are: Floor Bootcamp, Split Programs and Strength Roll Call. 

Floor Bootcamp starts on April 11 with the 12-class program that is a combination of HIIT and strength taught by instructors Jess Sims and Selena Samuela. This class only requires a mat and some weights. Split Programs launches April 18 and focuses on a traditional strength training program at an intermediate and advanced level that can be done three to five days a week. Finally, Strength Roll Call will feature all of the strength instructors teaching live at the same time every week. Peloton plans on curating a collection of the weekly classes to be available exclusively on the Peloton Guide.


Peloton Guide keeps you on track with your strength program because it knows which body parts need to be worked each class.


The Peloton Guide could attract a new audience for Peloton that's interested in having the option of a smart home gym without committing to the high price tag or a large piece of equipment. With Peloton's already devoted fan base, it will be interesting to see how Peloton Guide fairs against other popular smart home gyms in the market. 

The Guide is a good option for those who want the boutique fitness class or personal training experience at home, but prefer a budget-friendly option. This can even work for people who are new to strength training thanks to the Self Mode feature, which makes sure your form is on point during every rep. Compared with the Peloton bike or treadmill, the Peloton Guide is something everyone -- regardless of fitness level -- can enjoy without the need of a lot of equipment or space. 

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