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Peloton introduces TV set-top-box strength training device

The camera-equipped Peloton Guide will leverage AI technology to analyze and give you feedback on your home workouts.

Peloton Guide users will be able to exercise in their homes with their own equipment.

Peloton is continuing its expansion beyond stationary bikes and further into strength training with the Peloton Guide. It's a TV set-top-box device equipped with a wide-angle camera and AI technology that provides feedback and helps bring you through home workouts via your TV. The device will be available in the US and Canada in early 2022 and will retail at $495 -- a far more accessible price than equipment like the original Peloton Bike.

Along with the device itself, you'll pay a monthly fee of $13 to access a video library of strength training workouts. Existing video workout subscribers won't be required to purchase a separate one for the Peloton Guide workout videos.

You'll also be able to use your own equipment and follow along with workouts led by strength training instructors.

The AI-equipped camera analyzes your movements during the workout to determine if you're performing exercises correctly, if the your movements are in line with the on-screen instructor and which muscles you worked out during a given session. This analysis is used to provide feedback and to recommend further exercises.

With the Guide, Peloton introduced a new heart rate monitor armband that assesses the intensity of your workout and records how long you spend in different heart rate zones, according to Bloomberg. The monitor can be used in conjunction with the Guide device, or as a standalone accessory with other Peloton equipment or on the company's mobile apps.

The Guide is also equipped with switches to disable its camera and microphone for those concerned about the privacy implications associated with their in-home smart devices.