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Make Working Out Less Terrible and Save $350 On This Gamified Rower Through Cyber Monday

Turn working out into a game for a few bucks less, and it will feel like a Cyber Monday miracle.

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I'm a big fan of any workout equipment that actively tries to lie to me about what I'm doing. My favorite indoor bike earned that place in my heart, half because it's a great workout and half because it lets me binge Netflix. So when I first saw the folks at Ergatta showing off a rowing machine loaded with video games that sync up with your movements I was already mostly sold. This week Ergatta not only started selling its fancy new rowing machine at Best Buy, but it's doing so at a $350 discount from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday

There's a lot to like about the Ergatta rower. It has that classic look, with its cherry wood body -- "handmade from American cherry wood in Rhode Island" -- that folds up when not in use and a water-based spinner. At first glance you may not even notice the big LCD screen offering more than just recorded video of someone else rowing in actual water. And because of this design, Ergatta supports rowers up to 6 feet, 8 inches and 500 pounds, which is not something a lot of other rowers can claim. But when you actually sit down to use this machine, the interface makes it immediately clear this is not a classic rower. 

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Ergatta's platform offers a bunch of single- and multiplayer games synced up to your movement, as well as traditional workout tutorials and training regimens for users of every skill level. You can train like a serious athlete on this, set up a personal fitness routine, or challenge your friends to races, all within the giant tablet mounted to this machine. 

It's clear you're paying for all of this fanciness with Ergatta's typically steep price tag, but with today's discount that price drops down to the same level as other nice rowing machines without sacrificing all of the cool tech. This is clearly not a rowing machine for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for something nice, it's difficult to imagine you'd go wrong with this deal.

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