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Lululemon's First Sneaker Is Designed to Fit Perfectly Right Away

Move over leggings -- Lululemon turns its eyes to the sneaker industry.


Athletic apparel brand Lululemon announced that it's taking on the footwear industry with the launch of its first ever women's running sneaker, the Blissfeel. Retailing at $148, the Blissfeel sneaker is the first release of the activewear giant's new shoe collection, which will also include three other shoes launching later this year: the Chargefeel, Strongfeel and Restfeel. 

These shoes were created with women in mind, with a special focus on the upper materials, cushioning and support. The brand says the Blissfeel's design is based on four years of research and over a million scans of women's feet. Lululemon's goal is for the shoe to fit from the moment you try it on. The shoe comes in 10 different colors. 

Lululemon will also roll out a men's shoe in 2023, but according to the brand's Chief Product Officer, Sun Choe, they decided to start out with women because usually men's footwear is catered to first and then modified for women. "Innovating for women is in lululemon's DNA — now we're bringing that same expertise to footwear, and women were part of this journey every step of the way," she says.


Lululemon plans on launching three more sneakers in 2022.


The four shoes that will be part of the women's collection have their own unique traits and purposes:

Blissfeel: This running shoe was created with an upper to support your foot as you move and has an energy-filled underfoot foam cushioning technology, to make running easy and comfortable. 

Chargefeel: Launching this summer, this shoe is intended for cross-training, such as hitting the gym or shorter runs. It has an upper that provides midfoot support and a dual density midsole to allow for proper rebounding from your activity. 

Restfeel: Also launching this summer, this is a slip-on shoe intended to be worn post-workout or as a go-to casual shoe.

Strongfeel: This shoe will be available in the fall and is the most supportive of the collection. It has a low profile and was designed with multi-directional movement in mind, so it can be used for various activities. It has a supportive midsole and outsole, as well as an upper that keeps the foot in place. 

In the long term, Lululemon intends on launching seasonal collections as well as special edition shoes as it continues to expand its footwear line in the future.

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