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Wi-Fi smart plugs: Get a two-pack for $11

Or get a three-pack for $16. Bestek's 10-amp mini-plugs are a super-sweet deal. Plus: An exclusive offer on a two-in-one cordless vacuum!

Smart buy: Two smart plugs for $11.

A quick story: Early this morning I spotted a seriously amazing deal: Refurbished Apple AirPods for just $89.99. Because that price is way below anything I've seen before, I knew the stock would be gone before I could get today's post written and newsletter sent.

But I immediately blasted out that link on Facebook and Twitter, in hopes that at least some readers would have a shot at the deal before it was gone. Those social networks are the fastest way I can communicate with you, so I hope you'll considering following me on one or both!

On to business: Speaking of fast sell-outs, my track record with smart-plug deals is pretty terrible for precisely that reason. But I'm hoping this will be different, in part because Amazon isn't in the mix.

Instead, you'll be buying direct from Bestek, which, for a limited time, is offering its iSelector 10-amp Mini Smart Plug two-pack for $10.99 shipped with promo FORSD02. Shipping is expected to take three to seven days.

Want three of the plugs? The three-pack is just $15.99 with code FORSD03.

If you've never used outlets like these before, they connect to your home Wi-Fi network, giving you control via an Android or iOS app. You can set schedules and timers -- great if you want to switch lamps on or off at designated times or if you've got a crock pot you want to kick on midway through the day.

Also of note: These are compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, meaning you can say things like, "Turn on the living room lamp" whether you're an Alexa or a Google Assistant household. 

I like the wide design of these; unlike some smart plugs (including others made by Bestek), they won't block the other outlet in a two-outlet socket. Bestek backs the iSelectors with an 18-month warranty.

However, don't go looking for reviews on Amazon -- you won't find any. I don't know if that's because this is a new product or what, but I will say I've tried other Bestek gear in the past and it's been solid.

If you've been waiting on a way to join the smart-home revolution, here's your chance to add smarts to lamps, appliances and whatnot for cheap.  

Your thoughts?

It's a hand-vac and an upright vac, and it runs on a rechargeable battery. Look, ma, no cords!


Bonus deal: Time to cut the cord -- the vacuum cord. Trust me when I say that once you try a cordless upright, you'll never again be willing to stay tethered to an outlet.

And here's a deal on one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Cheapskate readers can get the Comfyer two-in-one bagless 8Kpa stick vacuum for $99.99 with promo code CNETCFYR. It normally sells for $129.99.

I played around with one of these over the weekend. It's admirably lightweight but also powerful enough to suck up typical household debris. (I didn't know what "8Kpa" was; turns out it's a suction rating. A lot of vacuums in this price range are only 6-7Kpa.)

Comfyer says the battery is good for up to 45 minutes of eco-mode suction and 24 minutes in high-power mode. Either should be more than enough, as the battery stays topped off in its wall-mount charger anyway.

It's a little tricky to remove the top portion for hand-vac duties, and the three included attachments have nowhere to attach on the vacuum itself, so they're easily misplaced. Those complaints aside, this is a really nice light-duty vacuum that's blessedly free of cords.

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