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This $68 Drone Is Perfect for Beginners (Save $22)

If you want to learn to pilot a drone or need a budget-friendly Father's Day gift, look no further.

The D10 drone by Deerc is pictured alongside two batteries, a case and a remote controller.

Ready for liftoff? If you're interested in learning how to fly a drone, now's a good time to try. 

Drones are already a popular pastime among many tech enthusiasts, though some drone models are prohibitively expensive. But as more people become interested in them and competition in the market grows, prices fall. If you're new to drones, there are cheaper alternatives for less than $100. Right now, Amazon has slashed the price of the Deerc D10 drone by 24%, bringing the price to just $68. 

This user-friendly model is an excellent option for beginners, both children and adults alike. Drones make an excellent gift, too. And with Father's Day coming up next month, this deal could be perfect for the dad who loves gadgets. It has one-key start and landing, altitude hold, headless mode, speed adjustment functions and a 3D flip function. You can even draw a flight course on your smartphone that the drone will automatically follow. 

The drone also has a built-in camera that will capture and record in 1080p full high-definition and an FVP transmission range of up to 80 meters. Your footage can be easily shared to social media through the Deerc app. If you hold up your hand to the camera as it passes, it will automatically take a picture. 

Designed to be compact and foldable, this drone fits easily inside a case so that you can bring it anywhere. It also comes with two batteries that support up to 24 minutes of flight time. It's equipped with propellor guards to protect people (and the drone) in the event you accidentally collide with something or someone. There is even an emergency stop feature, just in case. 

Plus, you can control the drone through the built-in G-sensor by adjusting your smartphone vertically or horizontally. You can even use simple voice commands for take off, landing and directional cues.