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Should You Buy an Exercise Bike on Amazon Prime Day?

Ready to purchase an exercise bike but not sure if the sale is worth it? Here's our best advice.

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Short answer: Maybe. If you're not looking for the latest exercise bike, Amazon offers affordable bikes that fit any price budget. You just may not get all the bells and whistles compared to newer models.

Should you buy an exercise bike on Prime Day?

Starting July 12 on Prime Day, Amazon is marking down various exercise bike brands and if you've been in the market for one, you're probably wondering if there are any worth buying.

By now you probably know there are plenty of Peloton alternatives that can provide you with a similar workout experience. Spending over a grand on an exercise bike might not be in the budget right now, but Amazon has plenty of options that are below the $1,000 mark. 

You can expect to see Prime Day discounts from some popular brands such as Bowflex, Nordictrack, Schwinn or MYX for exercise bikes. Older and more basic models tend to see the biggest discounts, while newer, higher-end models see more modest sales. So if you have your eye on something specific, you may not see a great sale on the exact model you have in mind.

Amazon is also a hub for off-brand bikes. These can work well if you're not looking to spend more than $500 on a bike and you don't need features such as a touchscreen or classes. There are plenty of options for bikes ranging from $100 to $500 without the extra features most smart bikes have. Just make sure to check the buyer reviews.

Keep in mind, many brands and other stores run sales at the same time as Prime Day, so you don't need to entirely commit yourself to Amazon sales. Sometimes the bike retailers or other third-party sites offer better deals.

Exercise bike price tracking

While Prime Day does feature sales on exercise bikes, the discounts don't necessarily stand out in comparison to other big sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the holidays. Based on the bikes found on our best exercise bikes list and how some have fared over Prime Day and during the holidays, they can be a toss up. For example, the Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling bike was on sale for over $400 off the original price ($1,199) last Prime Day, and then it was on sale for $300 off last Black Friday. Another model, the Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle bike retailed for $1,949 last Prime Day and was on sale for $1,499 on Black Friday. As you can see, the better deal was later in the year around the holidays.  

With Peloton's latest $500 discount, you can get the most basic bike package for $1,195 without waiting for a sale, which is cheaper than the Nordictrack bike mentioned above. 

Which cheap exercise bike is right for you?

If you're not looking to buy the latest model of a specific brand, you can most likely find older models at a better price now than a year or two ago. For example, the Bowflex C7 Bike is an older bike model and has a smaller screen compared to the newer Bowflex Velocore models, but is still a good option and is currently on sale for $700 on Amazon.

Other places to look for better deals include the brand's own site or electronic stores such as Best Buy. On Amazon the Nordictrack S15i Studio Cycle bike is currently $1,700, but on Best Buy's site it's on clearance for $960, saving you $740. 

Ultimately if you choose to buy an exercise bike, know that you have other options and can sometimes get a better deal outside of Amazon -- whether it's Prime Day or not.

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