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Save 15% on the super-fancy Omigo toilet seat bidet

Bidet? Don't mind if I bi-do! Welcome to the seat of power, one that heats, dries, deodorizes and more. Plus, a classic racing game for just $3.

Heated seat, heated spray, fancy remote... this must be how kings and queens go to the loo.

I've now tried an inexpensive bidet and a fancy bidet. Spoiler alert: Fancy is better. It costs more, sure, but this is your bum we're talking about. Doesn't it deserve the best?

Think on that while I tell you this: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can save 15% on any Omigo bidet or bidet attachment with promo code CNETx015. (Remove any code that's already in place at checkout and apply that one instead.) That means you can get the super-luxe flagship Omigo for $552 or the slightly less-luxe OmigoSL for $382. Too spendy? The Element bidet attachment can be yours for just $67, the Element Plus for $84. Note that the Omigos are due to ship around May 12, but the Elements won't be in stock until early June.

I didn't test the Element, which seems very similar to the Tushy bidet I tried a few weeks back. In hindsight (ha!), I wouldn't bother with the warm-water version, in this case the Element Plus. It's a hassle, both to hook up and to use, and cool-water cleaning really isn't bad. So if you just want an uber-cheap option, the Element for $67 is probably an excellent choice.

But, wow, the Omigo. It's an entire replacement seat, and a heated one at that. It also heats the water, even though it requires only the same simple cold-water hookup as the Element. Consequently, installation is fast and fairly simple, though the instructions are a bit confusing with regard to adjusting the seat forward or backward. Also, the Omigo requires AC power, and the power cord is fairly short, so you may need an extension.

Read more: Toilet paper running low? Make your own bidet starting at $20

As I said, I don't mind a cold-water bidet, but when there's a warm option... yes, please. The Omigo also has a warm-air fan to dry you off after, meaning you really can dispense with TP altogether. That will save you money over the long haul, though obviously it would take some time to recoup $552.

The cheaper OmigoSL doesn't have the fan, nor does it include the carbon-filter deodorizer that works shockingly well. No more telling your spouse, "You might want to wait a few minutes before going in there." The full Omigo also has a three-year warranty to the OmigoSL's one year. Either way, the company offers a 90-day trial; your only out-of-pocket return cost would be for shipping.

Bidets are weird at first, but once you get used to them, it's hard to go back to wiping.

Your thoughts?

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Get the classic racing game Burnout Paradise Remastered (PC) for just $3


I love a good racing game, especially one that allows for stunts and car damage. For a limited time, Amazon is offering the EA classic Burnout Paradise Remastered for PC for just $2.99. Regular price: $20. Note that you'll need an Origin account and the Origin client software to activate and play the game.

The original Burnout Paradise is widely regarded as one of the best ever, and the remastered version -- which arrived for PC about two years ago -- brings it up to speed, so to speak, in the visuals department.

GameSpot never reviewed it, but you can learn more in this Burnout Paradise Remastered news item.

For three measly bucks, I'm in.

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