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Let This Discounted $35 Bundle Help You Become a Microsoft Excel Expert

With over 70 hours of training in Excel, you'll learn about sorting, analyzing and visualizing datasets.


Excel has a reputation for being a true one-stop shop for multiple business needs, especially data-driven projects. But knowing how to use the most advanced features can be a roadblock for many. 

The 2022 Complete Microsoft Excel Expert bundle can provide valuable instruction to help you acquire the skills to take advantage of all Excel has to offer. The Excel Expert bundle provides over 600 video lessons to walk you through basic, intermediate and advanced functionalities of Microsoft Excel. Right now you can get lifetime access all the content included in this bundle for just $35. This offer is available now through April 12.

Microsoft Excel software is not included in this package. However, you'll get access to 12 courses that will help you master sorting, analyzing and visualizing datasets using Excel, which will unlock possibilities the average user isn't even aware are possible. There are introductory courses for beginners that cover topics like utilizing VBA macros in Excel to automate tasks and operations that are performed frequently. You'll also learn specific functions, formulas and tools for advanced data analysis techniques, and can take advantage of expert-level courses to master advanced features like Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX functions, high-level consolidation, analysis and financial reporting -- and much more. All the courses are taught by professional instructors.

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