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Keep an eye on the tykes with the Eufy Video Baby Monitor for $116

Save 28% on this hacker-resistant 720p night vision baby monitor.

The Eufy video monitor uses a dedicated wireless connection between the HD camera and 5-inch display.

I don't have a baby to help incubate diseases and pull the cat's tail anymore, but I remember all too well how essential a baby monitor was during those early years with younglings. The peace of mind you get from being able to watch your child sleep from another room is incalculable, and having an audio feed lets you know if the baby is sleeping soundly or about to need some hands-on care. In recent years I've been less enamored with baby cameras that send audio and video to your phone via Wi-Fi; the potential for hacking is just too great. That's why I'm excited that right now you can save a bunch on a dedicated camera/monitor system. The Eufy Video Baby Monitor is selling for $116 on Amazon when you click the $20-off coupon on the product page. That's down from the $160 list price, and a decent discount over the usual price, which hovers around $135.

There's a lot to like here. As I mentioned, this isn't an easily hacked Wi-Fi system -- it comes with a dedicated 5-inch portable display (with about 7 hours of battery life in video mode or 17 hours when set to audio-only). That doesn't mean someone can't park in your driveway and intercept the video signal, but it is a lot more difficult with a system like this. 

The camera captures 720p HD video and includes the requisite night vision mode. While it delivers a "normal" field of view out of the box, you can attach a 110-degree wide-angle adapter if you want a wider view. You can use the monitor to pan 330 degrees left or right and tilt 100 degrees up and down.

The Eufy Video Baby Monitor is very well reviewed on Amazon, and ReviewMeta gives the ratings a clean bill of health. Fakespot, on the other hand, had some serious concerns about the review quality. I'm dubious, but be aware that there might be some unreliable reviews mixed in. Even so, as we often say, that doesn't mean the product itself is bad, and this one looks like a great way to keep tabs on your kids. 

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