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Get Streamer-Ready Videos With the Logitech Litra Glow for $56

This light can brighten up all your videos with the touch of a button.

Close up of Logitech Litra Glow with a black frame and a soft square shaped light in the center
Office Depot

Have you been trying to stream or record gaming content, but your videos seem a bit dark? If so, then try this Logitech Litra Glow Streaming light at Office Depot for $56. 

While you're only saving a few dollars ($4 to be exact) on this ring light compared to other retailers, why not get one of my favorite lights for cheaper? I have professional lighting, budget lighting and everything in-between, but the Litra Glow is what I reach for when I'm on camera. 

I've had the opportunity to test this streaming light and compare it to my old ring light and to my stand-lights used for recording. I've found that this light undoubtedly works better than my budget ring light and is more convenient than my stand-lights. 

The Litra has five different color temperature lights from warm to cool. But what makes it better than my ring light is the ability to get high-powered brightness and subtle darkness all with a push of the button. And since it's plug-and-play with a USB-powered light, it's far more convenient (and a lot less hot) than setting up larger lights.

While this one light alone can't beat the power of both my budget stand-lights together, it's an ideal tool for streamers and home office workers in need of good lighting, especially when recording videos. And when I paired this with my Logitech Streamcam that I bought to replace my old webcam, everything got even better visibly.

If you have a grad who loves to stream and record videos or has a brand new job where looking good on camera is a must, don't hesitate to get this light for a few dollars cheaper while you still can. And check out our other grad gifts too if you need any more cool ideas.

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