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Amazon Music HD is free for 90 days (Update: Expired)

The high-bitrate streaming service normally costs $15 a month. Plus: This oversize beach blanket keeps you socially distanced for $25.

Give your ears a treat with ultra-high-quality music streaming, free for three months.

Already using a music-streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify? Consider pausing it for three months while you check out Amazon Music HD. It's home to some 60 million songs that stream at up to 10 times the bitrate -- meaning you'll hear audio that's better-than-CD-quality.

Oh, and it's free. For a limited time, new subscribers can get Amazon Music HD free for 90 days. I've seen similar extended trials for Amazon Music Unlimited, which uses compression like most other services, but this is the first one I can recall for Music HD.

The usual terms apply: After 90 days, the service will auto-renew at the regular rate, which is $15 monthly (or $13 if you're a Prime subscriber). There's also a family plan for $20. But you can cancel at any time, so there's no cost at all if you do.

Will you want to? If you've ever tried a service like Deezer HiFi or Tidal, you know that non-compressed (aka lossless) music sounds considerably better. For an audiophile, that few extra bucks per month is definitely worth it.

But here's your chance to find out firsthand without spending a dime, and for three full months. Want to really make the most of it? Check out CNET's roundup of the best headphones of 2020.

Alternately, this Monster Adventurer Force 40-watt Bluetooth speaker is on sale for just $65 with promo code L3TBG67S -- a 50% savings and by far the lowest price ever. It's a big ol' waterproof boom-box that would really bring these lossless tunes to life.

Your thoughts?

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Keep your distance at the beach with this 12x10-foot blanket for $25


I've been to some beaches this year, and they've been crowded. If you want to stake out a little extra space for yourself, consider packing this Galvanox 12x10 Beach Blanket for $24.99 with promo code CNETBCH

Okay, maybe "blanket" is the wrong word. This is a more of a tarp, one made from soft parachute nylon. It has six outer sand-pockets and four metal stakes to help keep it from blowing away.

Plus, because it's made of that material, it stows away in a compact stuff-sack. Even without the need for social-distancing, this is a great way to stake out a roomy chunk of beach estate.

This article was first published earlier this week. 

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