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Snatch AeroGarden's Harvest Slim for $100 Right Now (Normally $165)

Gardening season is extended indefinitely when you nab the AeroGarden Harvest Slim smart garden using our exclusive code.

aerogarden slim smart garden
Haul in AeroGarden's Harvest Slim pod garden for 30% off the normal price.

For anyone who gets attached to having fresh herbs at the ready during spring and summer, fall can take the wind out of your sails as all that mint, basil and thyme begin to shrivel. Outfit your home with an indoor smart garden and you'll be dicing, tearing and muddling the good stuff all year. And if you're looking for a solid smart garden deal, CNET has secured an exclusive promo code to score AeroGarden's Harvest Slim pod garden for just $100 (normally $165). Plunk in code CNETHARVEST at checkout from now through the end of Wednesday, Sept. 28, and it'll knock a full $30 off the already discounted price.

If you're wondering how well smart gardens work, we've tested several and most of the leading models -- AeroGarden, Click & Grow Lettuce Grow -- perform as advertised. Just pop the seed pods into the base and built-in LED grow lights and water reservoir will take care of the rest. There's an app to monitor and adjust the light schedule and remind you when more water is needed. Pretty smart stuff. 

The Harvest Slim has space for six seed pods so you can grow six different herbs at once or double up and grow more of your three favorites. You can also grow lettuce, some vegetables and flowers, but I've found that the juice isn't quite worth the squeeze since the overall yield isn't much.

And if you're wondering how good of a deal this is, the same model is selling for $155 on Amazon. In my experience, you're not likely to find a six-pod garden for under $100 unless it's on sale like this one is today. 

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