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Add 4 Wi-Fi smart plugs to your home for $19.39

That's less than $5 apiece for these app-powered plugs, which can also be controlled via smart speakers. Plus: Get a $200 Epson all-in-one printer for $100.


A few weeks back I invited you to try a Wi-Fi smart plug for just $9. The bad news: They sold out quickly. The good news: Now you can get a four-pack for under $20. It's a different brand, but pretty much the same basic product.

That product is this: The Lightstory Smart Plug four-pack for $19.39 with promo code 50JJ9HAH. It's normally $38.79. Sorry to say I don't know how much inventory is available at this price. Update: The 4-pack appears to be sold out (from Lightstory -- another vendor carries something similar, but the code won't work for it), though for the moment you can still get a discounted 3-pack -- see below.

Update (8/15/18): It's not uncommon for multiple third-party vendors to sell the same exact product via Amazon. When one vendor runs out of inventory, you may still see the product as "in stock" because Amazon is now listing it from a different seller.

However, that seller often has a different (and higher) price. What's more, any discount code I've shared with you will no longer work, because it was offered only by that first seller. That's what happened here.

This isn't some kind of bait-and-switch or other con; it's just the occasionally frustrating nature of Amazon and the way it sells certain products. But I do apologize for those times when you're amped up to buy something but can't because the code doesn't work or the deal has ended.

Good news, though: There's nearly always a similar deal just around the corner.

Incidentally, you can also get a three-pack for $14.44, a two-pack for $9.49 or one for just $5.29 -- all using that same code. I say buy what you need, but with a price point of under $5 apiece, why not stock up?

If you've never used plugs like these before, they connect to your home Wi-Fi network, thus affording control via an Android or iOS app. You can set schedules and timers -- great if you want to switch lamps on or off at designated times or if you've got a crock pot you want to kick on midway through the day.

It's hard to tell from the photo whether these small, circular plugs will block a second outlet, but at least one customer photo (shown in the reviews) suggests they do not. That's good. A lot of early Wi-Fi outlets were big and bulky.

Also of note: These are compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, meaning you can say things like, "Alexa, turn on the lamp in the living room."

If there's one thing that gives me pause, it's that there's no mention of UL certification or surge-protection circuitry. There is, however, a one-year warranty, and the 170 user reviews average out to 4.3 stars.

So if you've been waiting on a way to join the smart-home revolution, here's your chance to add smarts to four lamps, appliances or whatnot for just under $5 each.

Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: If you're going to buy an inkjet printer -- and I'm squarely in favor of choosing a color laser if you can -- you might as well get one that does all the things. At a steep discount.

Like this one: For a limited time, Best Buy has the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 all-in-one for $99.99 shipped (plus tax). It normally sells for $200.

The WF-4730 can print, scan, copy and fax. It has dual paper trays, an auto-document feeder and support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi and even NFC connectivity. You can get remanufactured and third-party ink cartridges for far less than what Epson charges.

Over 200 buyers collectively rated the WorkForce Pro 4.5 stars out of 5, so it's a good bet you'll find this a solid performer -- especially knowing that you saved as much as 50 percent.

Bonus deal 2: Get a Tobox 2.2-quart digital air fryer for under $37 with a CNET exclusive discount code.

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