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Act Fast: Amazon's Echo Dot Is Down to Just $22 for a Limited Time Only (Update: Expired)

It's $22.22 because today is 2/22/22, aka Twosday. This price won't last long, so buy yours now.


Update: This deal has expired and the Echo Dot is back up to $40 at Amazon now.

You may have read somewhere already that today, Feb. 22, is kind of a cool day. We've seen brands jumping on the 2 train all day, but this one helps save you some decent money as long as you act quick. Right now, Amazon has the third-gen Echo Dot priced at just $22.22, which saves you $18.

The Echo Dot is Amazon's small smart speaker that can play music, control your smart home, answer questions and much more. This is part of a Lightning Deal, which is set to expire by the end of today (assuming it doesn't sell out before then). While not the newest model in the Echo lineup, this speaker has the same great smarts as the later ones and decent sound quality for its size.

Be sure to grab one now, before the deal expires and you're stuck wishing you didn't miss out.