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5 sweet deals priced $15 or less: Power banks, true wireless earbuds and more

Don't miss this powerful Zoom meeting alternative for just $5.

Whew! Prime Day is in the rear-view (though some deals remain). Now we can get back to everyday Cheapskate goodness. [Touches finger to ear, looks away briefly.] Hang on... I'm being told that the next six weeks will be focused entirely on Black Friday previews. [Ducks.]

Kidding! Though it'll be interesting to see how the year's other big shopping bonanza plays out, coming so close on the heels of Prime Day.

But who needs either event? Today I've got a bunch of great stuff, all priced $15 or less. As always, these deals are available for a limited time and while supplies last.


Amazon seller: GooBang Doo Tech US (no, I did not make that up)

Price: $14.97 with on-page $25-off coupon

We've been down this road a few times before. True wireless earbuds for $15?! How good can they possibly be? All I can tell you is I've tried a few in this price range, and they've been decent. These in particular, I have no idea -- and the product page currently shows no user ratings.

A couple things to note: The earbuds have touch controls and support mono operation (meaning you can use just one, like for calls), and the case relies on USB-C charging.

Also, the product page mentions a three-year warranty, which is unusual (and amazing). However, it also mentions "active noise cancellation," which is flat-out incorrect. These earbuds offer passive noise-isolation, which comes from the seal created inside your ears. 


Amazon seller: Zooson

Price: $13.49 with promo code JYU67QB7

And in this corner... a similar set of no-brand earbuds, these with a charging case that relies on Micro-USB -- but also has a digital readout so you can see exactly how much power remains.

Curiously, these also erroneously tout active noise cancellation. (I don't believe this is intentional deception on the sellers' part, rather just a misunderstanding of the technology.)

One big difference here, however: a 4.6-star average score from well over 400 buyers. And both Fakespot and ReviewMeta indicate those are mostly legit ratings.

If you happened to buy these the last time they were on sale, hit the comments and share your own rating.


Amazon seller: Tamiar

Price: $14.99 with promo code 507AVWS8

Speaking of listings with mistakes in them, this one prominently shows "49.2 feet." In reality, you're getting three rolls of LED lights, each one 13.14 feet long. No biggie -- this is still an amazing deal, because a lot of times you're lucky to get one roll at that price.

What's more, these can be controlled by app or remote (though not voice, if you're hoping to add them to your smart-home mix). Great for TV bias lighting, under the kitchen counters and stuff like that.

I first spotted this deal yesterday, so I'm not sure how much longer it'll be available.

You're receiving price alerts for QZYL 39 feet of LED light strips
Sarah Tew/CNET

Amazon seller: MobileCityOnline

Price: $14.95

Some folks are understandably cautious when it comes to buying power accessories -- especially batteries -- from unknown brands. Mophie is a large, established brand, and here's your chance to get one of its power banks at a huge discount.

It's fairly basic, with just one PD-capable USB-C and one USB Type-A port. You'll have to supply your own charger for the charger, however; there's no indication this comes with an AC adapter. 


Everybody uses Zoom, right? But here's the thing: A free Zoom account limits you to 40-minute calls. For just $5 for your first year (a CNET exclusive, by the way), Epyc imposes no time restrictions.

What's more, you get unlimited recordings of your meetings, something Zoom users can get only with $200 plans. Epyc also offers features like whiteboard, virtual backgrounds, even AR support.

If five bucks is still too rich, Epyc offers a free option as well. This is definitely worth a look if you've found Zoom too limiting -- or too expensive.

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