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Ending Soon: Learn 14 Different Languages With a $190 Babbel Lifetime Subscription

Get access to over 10,000 hours of language-learning content with this limited-time offer.

Adrian Marlow Contributor
Adrian is a deals and updates writer on the Commerce team at CNET. With a love of books, entertainment, travel, tabletop games and, yes, even fandom, they can often be found at concerts, RenFest, Dragon Con or at home binge-watching everything from new hits to classics. After graduating from Kennesaw State with a B.A. in English and Professional Writing, Adrian had a short gig in casting, followed by a long stint teaching English lit, theater and film. Adrian enjoys sharing insights and favorite finds with their readers.
Adrian Marlow
3 min read

With a Babbel Language Learning subscription, you can master up to 14 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian and German, all at your own pace. And now until June 1, you can get lifetime access for just $190 -- that's just 52 cents a day if you use the program for at least one year. 

Being able to speak more than one language has some huge benefits, whether it's just a basic understanding of a language that can help you get around when you travel abroad or total fluency that will help you land a new job. In our globally connected world, people are communicating across borders for all sorts of reasons, and mastering a foreign language can be a valuable skill for anyone to have -- and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Babbel is one of CNET's favorite language learning apps in 2023, particularly if you want a school-like experience. It offers 14 language courses and more than 10,000 hours of content. The company even touts itself as the shortest path to real-life conversations. You can get a lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning software for just $190 at StackSocial right now, saving you over $400 on the usual price. If you're interested in learning a new language (or languages) at your own pace, you can take advantage of this deal now until June 1. 

Babbel's extensive language software includes Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and Portuguese. The lessons are short and to the point, allowing you to practice in 10- to 15-minute intervals that can fit into any schedule. Real-life topics include travel, family, business, food and more. There are also a variety of skill levels available, ranging from beginner to advanced, so the program can grow with you as you improve. 

A selection of the languages you can learn with Babbel.

Using the speech-recognition technology will give you immediate feedback on pronunciation so that you don't just learn to read and write, but to listen and speak, as well. You'll also get personalized review sessions to reinforce what you've learned. The program works across desktop and mobile devices. And though the internet is required most of the time, there is also an offline mode available where you can access courses, lessons and reviews without Wi-Fi, so long as you download them beforehand. Babbel also syncs your progress across your devices so that you can jump in from wherever is most convenient. 

Becoming fluent in a new language is a great way to stay engaged in learning, and the transferrable skills you gain can open a lot of doors for leisure, work and beyond. Note that while you can access this program on as many devices as you want, this subscription offer is only available for new users.

Babbel is a great value when compared to other online courses, especially with this current discount. So whether you're a lifelong learner or just want to pick up some basics for your globetrotting adventures, this is a solid deal.  

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