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Gawk at Lego's 'Ghostbusters' firehouse HQ sneak peek

Take a first look at the upcoming Lego "Ghostbusters" firehouse set with a series of official photos showing the detailed model all put together.

Ghostbusters Lego HQ
The Lego set poses with its real-life counterpart.

"Ghostbusters" fans need something to keep themselves busy until the new woman-led movie comes out in mid-2016. You can polish up your proton pack, dress in a beige jumpsuit and look forward to assembling Lego's new "Ghostbusters" firehouse headquarters model, which has finally been unveiled in a series of official photos.

Lego posted images to its Facebook and Twitter feeds earlier today. Lego put some flair into the photo shoot, taking the firehouse set to the real-life building that inspired it in New York. The building is known as Hook & Ladder 8 and is a real working firehouse.

Quite a few Lego Ideas contributors submitted versions of the "Ghostbusters" headquarters to the site. On the Lego Ideas site, fans share concepts for Lego models in the hope of gathering enough supporters that the toymaking company will put the sets into production. Ideas member Brent Waller had his version of the Ecto-1 ghost-fighting car turned into a real Lego set. The official Lego headquarters building looks similar to his version.

The sneak peek photos reveal not just the building, but also four minifig heroes from the original movies, completely decked out in beige uniforms with proton packs at the ready. The inside is still a mystery, but expect to see details from the films, such as a fire pole, laboratory and minifig-sized ghosts.

The headquarters set will be available in January. It's a big build with over 4,600 pieces and comes with a $350 (about £229, AU$485) price tag, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Lego and "Ghostbusters" fans will have a fairly complete Lego world to play with once they introduce this set to their existing Ecto-1. Then all they'll need to do is re-create this massive Lego Stay-Puft marshmallow man to terrorize their toys.

The "Ghostbusters" headquarters set is made from thousands of Lego pieces.