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Lego marshmallow man terrorizes Ghostbusters

Lego's official "Ghostbusters" play set has been unofficially expanded with an entire street scene featuring the giant Stay-Puft marshmallow man.

Lego Stay-Puft marshmallow man
You can almost hear the minifig scream.OliveSeon

Lego made "Ghostbusters" fans everywhere squeal with excitement when it announced an official Lego set featuring the main characters and the Ecto-1 ghost-fighting car. That set is scheduled to be released sometime in June. In anticipation, OliveSeon, a Korean Lego builder, has created an entire "Ghostbusters" street scene featuring the Stay-Puft marshmallow man rendered in plastic bricks.

The diorama is enormous, with the tallest building coming up past the builder's waist. Mr. Stay-Puft looks just like you remember him from the movie, except blockier. He's got that cheerfully evil expression on his face and his mouth is sized just right to munch on a Lego minifig.

The town the marshmallow man is terrorizing is an accomplishment in its own right. There's a parking garage, cars on the street, a Ghostbusters billboard on top of a building, emergency personnel, and the ghost-fighting team themselves with their proton guns at the ready.

It's unlikely that Lego will ever make an official kit for Mr. Stay-Puft, but builders could use OliveSeon's build as a guide. It's pitch-perfect in both look and scale.

OliveSeon's Flickr page also offers an intriguing look behind the scenes of his studio. He keeps his massive collection of Lego bricks organized in little plastic pull-out containers labeled to keep track of the contents. All that careful organization has paid off in the form of some very impressive Lego creations.

Lego Ghostbuster diorama
This town is about to get stomped.OliveSeon

(Via Brothers Brick)