See Apple Park's massive lunchroom doors open in epic fashion

Tim Cook gives the world cafeteria envy.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

There's been a lot of interest in Apple's fancy new corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California. Tech fans watched drone videos and longed to peer inside the Apple Park "spaceship." 

Apple CEO Tim Cook just shared a new look behind the scenes, and now we're all enthusiastic about a lunchroom.

"Lunchtime at Apple Park just got a whole lot more exciting," Cook tweeted on Wednesday while sharing a time-lapse GIF of the Apple Park lunchroom doors opening. 

Usually, we wouldn't go gaga over cafeteria doors, but this is Apple, and this is Apple Park, and those doors aren't normal. 

The Spaceship building is a 2.8-million square-foot ring that houses more than 12,000 Apple employees. Distinctive features -- besides its circular shape, of course -- include four-story curved glass panels and one of the largest roof-mounted solar farms in the world.

Other notable buildings on the campus: a visitor center with an Apple retail store and Apple's first-ever public cafe, and the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater.

Cook's GIF shows people for scale, which puts the motorized glass doors into perspective. You could drive an airplane through them and park it inside. And then stack another airplane on top of it.

It's unknown just how much of Apple's $5 billion investment went into building the world's grandest sliding doors, but we do know nobody will accidentally walk into the glass if they're wide open.

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