You're Not Ready for the 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

Flamethrowers, guitars, monsters and explosions fill this teaser for the Netflix hit's season finale.

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OK, so you've binged Stranger Things season 4, only to discover that was just season 4 part 1. Luckily, the next installment is heading to Netflix very soon, so here's the new trailer for season 4 part 2. And of course it includes an echo of the breakout Kate Bush hit Running Up That Hill.

"Hawkins will fall," warns Matthew Modine's scientist as Millie Bobbie Brown's Eleven prepares to return to the fight. "You're not ready." But if you're ready to see how it turns out, Part 2 streams Friday, July 1.

This segment only includes two episodes, but the first is 80 minutes long and the finale is well over two hours, because apparently the word "episodes" is meaningless now. This won't be the end of the smash hit series, however, as it'll climax with season 5 at some point in the future.

Season 4 unexpectedly led to a huge hit for the 1985 Kate Bush song Running Up That Hill. The trailer is soundtracked by an intense version of the song over images of machine guns and flamethrowers, a post-apocalyptic Winnebago, and some kind of epic guitar battle as the gang faces monstrous foe Vecna once again.

To fill the time between now and July 1, here's a bunch of movies with a strong Stranger Things vibe.

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