Star Wars Death Star cat cave lets the furce be with Fluffy

Keep your porg warm in a cozy pet cave that can also wrap your cat or dog in the warm embrace of the Death Star.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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This cat is obviously a Sith in training.

The Monster Factory

You've always suspected your cat is more aligned with the dark side than the light, so you should just give in and get it a Death Star Pet Cave from The Monster Factory

The pet cave/bed is designed with a detailed soft outer shell that sports an oversized opening where the superlaser dish should be. The interior cushion is removable for cleaning. 

While the pet cave is perfectly sized for a not-too-gigantic cat, it can also accommodate a small dog, an incredibly tiny Ewok or several porgs from "The Last Jedi" (assuming they don't mind getting cozy with each other). Unfortunately, you'll need to come up with a different solution for your oversize tauntaun. 

The Monster Factory, which ships worldwide, lists the pet cave as available for preorder for £30 ($42, AU$53), with the release set for March 9. The manufacturer and retailer teamed up with Disney and the Star Wars brand last year and it also offers a human-sized Death Star camping tent for Stormtroopers who enjoy getting out into nature.

The Death Star pet cave joins a proud lineage of mostly DIY Star Wars pet gear, including this landspeeder cat bed, an AT-AT cat condo and an AT-ST cat playhouse. At least the pet cave will get your kitty started in its Sith Lord training with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

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