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Darth Vader Cat will Force-purr you into submission

Darth Vader in cat form takes on its Jedi owner in a sci-fi battle worthy of a George Lucas movie.

Darth Cat
Darth Catter prepares for battle.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's pretty clear what the purpose of the Internet is these days. It's to disseminate cat media and Star Wars stories. Every now and then, those two main directives collide to give us a feline-Star Wars mashup, and we must rejoice and revel in this madness.

YouTube channel Kaipotainment posted a video simply titled "Darth Vader Cat" on Friday. It starts off with a cat owner coming home to find his helmeted Sith Lord tabby sitting on the kitchen counter, breathing heavily and floating a coffee mug in the air with the power of its mind.

A lightsaber battle ensues and a red laser provides a distraction, giving our Jedi human a fighting chance at defeating the ruthless furry villain. It's not easy battling against a four-legged, Force-wielding cat that can call upon the full power of the dark side. It gets even hairier once a TIE fighter shows up.

There are plenty of Star Wars in-jokes, like a Jar Jar Binks poster and a "Wilhelm scream," a famous screaming stock sound effect that appeared in the Star Wars movies.

The heavy breathing/purring sound effect is a wonder to behold. I would like an hour-long audio track of this sound on loop.

Kaipotainment has an entire portfolio full of cat videos mixed up with the popular X-Men superhero franchise. There's Magneto Cat, Professor X Cat, Wolverine Cat and Cyclops Cat. They pretty much all end up with some form of feline-enacted mayhem.

The Darth Vader Cat concept actually makes a lot of sense in light of research from earlier this year that resulted in breathless headlines about how your cat is really just plotting to kill and eat you. The researchers behind the study don't agree with that interpretation, but then again, none of them have had to live with Darth Vader Cat.