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'Star Wars' AT-ST cat playhouse powers the fur Force

One lucky kitty gets a sweet "Star Wars" playhouse, for conquering the enemy and sharpening her claws.

AT-ST walker cat playground
Buffy lounges in "Star Wars" style. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We know "Star Wars" fans love to pamper their pets in the form of Wampug costumes and massive AT-AT cat condos. There's a new entry into the genre: an All Terrain Scout Transport cat playhouse.

Buffy is the name of the lucky feline to benefit from an owner with some woodworking skills and an incurable case of fandom. The bipedal walker model is crafted from scraps left over from a home renovation and took four weekends to complete.

The AT-ST looks accurate enough to start roaming about on its own. One feature not seen in the movies is a carpeted landing platform for the furry little Jedi to perch on while she hones her control of the Force through napping. There's also a dangling cat toy to tempt her into combat.

I'm sure Buffy the cat approves of the walker's slang name, "chicken walker." This may be as close as she'll get to sinking her claws into a real chicken. There's a whole lot less feathers and a whole lot more geek awesomeness.

(Via Obvious Winner)