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Meow the Force be with this 'Star Wars' Landspeeder cat bed

Even feline "Star Wars" fans deserve a place to dream about chasing mouse droids in a galaxy far, far away.

Does this count as "Star Wars" cosplay or cat's play?
Roxy's Dream

We've seen lucky cats have fun in a "Star Wars" AT-ST kitty playhouse and even an AT-AT cat condo. Now feline fans can pretend to be the Skywalker family pet with this custom made Landspeeder cat bed by a company called Roxy's Dream.

The Pennsylvania-based company builds cat beds of all styles and sizes but it's the most recent Landspeeder cat bed that's been getting "Star Wars" fans eager to barter.

"I have had a couple requests regarding the Cat Speeder price," Roxy's Dream posted on Facebook. "A lot of work went into this, from making the windshield to the custom paint job and all the woodwork in between. I have over 40 hours of labor involved on the Cat Speeder." The Landspeeder with the padded bed in it is priced at $600.

Hopefully, if Roxy's Dream gets enough interest, we'll see a Millennium Cat Falcon bed in the future.


Why should your cat sleep in a boring bed when this exists?

Roxy's Dream