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Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Reveals 'Dial of Destiny' Title, Shows De-Aged Harrison Ford

The movie will include the younger and older Indy, thanks to CGI.

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Oscar Gonzalez
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Indiana Jones is seen in shadow, with light hitting the right side of his face.

Indy returns next June in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.


Indiana Jones 5 got its first trailer Thursday, along with a title reveal: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The movie sees Harrison Ford donning the famed archaeologist's fedora for the fifth and final time.

Set in 1969, the movie finds an elderly Indy contending with the knowledge that the US space program has ex-Nazis within it. We'll also see a younger version of the 80-year-old Ford, thanks to CGI de-aging technology. 

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 30, 2023. Thursday's trailer brought the first publicly available footage of the movie -- attendees of Disney's D23 convention were treated to a similar trailer back in September. 

Young Indy wears an army uniform in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Are you convinced by Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny's de-aged Harrison Ford?


Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known best for the Fleabag series on Amazon Prime Video, co-stars in the film as Helena, Indy's goddaughter. Mads Mikkelsen plays Voller, an ex-Nazi working on US space tech (inspired by real-life engineer Wernher von Braun) and probably the film's main baddy. Also seen in the trailer is actor John Rhys-Davies, who reprises his role as Sallah, an Egyptian excavator who joined Indy in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark and 1989's The Last Crusade. 

You won't find the previous Indy adventures on Disney Plus -- they're currently available on Paramount Plus. Dial of Destiny is being released by Disney, but Paramount was responsible for distributing the other four movies (Disney bought Indy studio Lucasfilm in 2012).

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