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Disney likely to delay Black Widow release in movie theaters again, report says

The studio is also reportedly looking to bring Pixar's film Soul straight to Disney Plus.

Black Widow might be delayed again.
Marvel Entertainment; screenshot by Joal Ryan for CNET

Disney is likely to delay the release of Marvel's Black Widow yet again, while it looks to bring Pixar's film Soul directly to Disney Plus, according to a Variety report Tuesday. Black Widow had originally been slated for release in movie theaters on May 1 but was delayed repeatedly because of theater closures nationwide amid the coronavirus pandemic. The MCU prequel is currently scheduled for release in theaters on Nov. 6, while Soul is set for Nov. 20.

Black Widow is a prequel for Scarlett Johansson's Marvel Cinematic Universe character, Natasha Romanoff. The film will see Johansson return alongside new stars Florence Pugh and David Harbour.

Disney has already brought the live-action Mulan remake and the Artemis Fowl movie to Disney Plus, as well as pushing back the various sequels to James Cameron's Avatar by a year each, with the new Star Wars trilogy and an unnamed Disney live-action movie also seeing their release plans modified.

Wonder Woman 1984, which had its release pushed back multiple times, to Oct. 2, was last week also hit with another premiere postponement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.