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These Harry Potter Gifts Are Perfect for Any Aspiring Wizard

Summon the magic with everything from themed bags and candles to an interactive wand.

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Abrar Al-Heeti
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The Official Baking Book Cookbook
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Harry Potter Homesick collection candles
Homesick Harry Potter Candles
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Kitsch Satin Pillowcases
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Alex and Ani Time Turner Spinner Necklace
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Hershey's x Harry Potter Collection
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Interactive Hedwig
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Wizarding World Woobles Bundle
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Dr. Squatch Harry Potter Collection
Dr. Squatch Harry Potter Soaps (Update: Out of Stock)
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Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand and box
Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand (Update: Out of Stock)

Harry Potter first hit shelves over two decades ago and soon after, the young wizard became a global phenomenon. Seven books, eight movies, a play, a spin-off franchise and multiple video games have kept Harry's adventures firmly cemented in pop culture. The fantastic beasts, whimsical spells and magical trinkets have built the Wizarding World into something fans are steadily drawn to, whether through binging the movies, re-reading the books or cosplaying a favorite character. Simply put, Harry Potter fans know how to escape the real world and have a good time while doing so.

If you're looking for the best Harry Potter gifts for the Hogwarts fan in your life, you've come to the right place. Below, we've put together a collection of the best Harry Potter-themed presents for any budding wizard. You'll find collectibles, keepsakes and all sorts of enchanting treats. These goodies will bring some spellbinding joy to your friend or loved one and brighten any dark heart. Read on to see all the best Harry Potter gifts any aspiring wizard will love.

I'd argue the best merch is useful merch. Harry Potter fans will love this one. This Golden Snitch clock is something your gift recipient will likely use every day and is an eye-catching addition to any display or bedside table. 

The bakers in your life will appreciate this guide on how to make everything from Pumpkin Patch Pies to Owl Muffins.

Another staple for bakers: cookie cutters of everything from Harry's glasses to the Sorting Hat and even the Hogwarts Express. These decorative, themed treats will elevate any party spread.

Watch this: Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand: Is It Worth It?

Home decor is one element of Potter-fying your space, and filling the air with themed scents is another. This Harry Potter collection from Homesick includes several fragrance options, including one for each house. My personal favorite is the one for Gryffindor; it has a nice, warm cinnamon aroma. Each has a unique scent depending on what you're into -- you can check out more descriptions here

Homesick recently added three new scents inspired by popular wizarding sites: Diagon Alley, Platform 9 3/4 and Quidditch Pitch (my favorite of these three is Platform 9 3/4 -- it has a smoky, woody, musk aroma). There's also a cute Sorting Hat air freshener. You can normally buy individual candles for $44 and the 3-wick Hogwarts candle for $75.

I've recently made the switch to satin pillowcases because they can be better for your skin and hair, but Harry Potter satin pillowcases are just that much more magical. Kitsch has two different themed patterns to choose from, as well as options for both standard/queen and king-size pillows. 

This one's for the jewelry fans and for those who reminisce on how Hermione bested Hogwarts students by attending many classes at the same time. This Time Turner necklace features a charm with a crystal hourglass and the inscription, "I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun."

Anything from the trolley, dears? These Harry Potter-themed Hershey's bars and Kisses are a watch party staple. They feature fun wizarding designs both on the wrappers and etched into the chocolate itself. They're around for a limited time, so snag them while you can.

I understand this is intended for any child who is a Harry Potter fan, but I would not be opposed to owning this myself. This Hedwig toy features more than 15 sounds and movements to (kind of) bring this beloved companion to life.

These cards feature really cool illustrations of characters including Harry, Hermione, Draco Malfoy, Dumbledore and Voldemort. You can choose a deck featuring each Hogwarts house: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw or yellow for Hufflepuff. There's also an option to get one deck of each color for $40.

For the Harry Potter fans and Lego fans, there's perhaps no better option than a Lego set to recreate pieces of the wizarding world.

Train sets are cool. Hogwarts Express train sets are cooler. This 37-piece set is battery-powered and remote-controlled and features sound clips from characters.

What cooler way to hold up your collection of Harry Potter books than with these fun themed bookends.

Here's a beautiful staple to place within those bookends. This one's a bit of a splurge, especially given the fact that it only includes the first three books in the series, but this illustrated collection can serve as a treasured keepsake and collector's item. Get the Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban.

Coloring books can provide a fun and relaxing activity for people of all ages. This one features more than 80 illustrations of moments throughout the series, from Harry's first Quidditch match to the battle of Hogwarts.

This chess set will let you relive the Wizard's Chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- just without the deadly battles. This one is truly for those in the Harry Potter fan club.

Here's another fun game option, but with a tech twist. Use Harry's wand to draw clues in the air, which other players can view via the Pictionary Air app on their devices. 

This bag features an array of fun images, from the Sorting Hat to a Golden Snitch to Hedwig's cage. 

I'm adding another clock to this list because I just got this one and I'm obsessed. This is not only an elegant timepiece, but it also has an hourglass on the back that makes it infinitely cooler.

If you're craving the delicious Butterbeer from Universal Studios or Harry Potter New York but are nowhere near either of those locations or don't feel like making your own, this is a pretty good replacement. It's a bit on the sweeter side but has that same creamy butterscotch flavor (and is also nonalcoholic).

No wizard's collection is complete without a wand. This option lights up, which makes up -- at least in part -- for the harsh reality that there's little else a wand can do in the Muggle world. Unless we summon our imagination...

If the person you're shopping for prefers to pen their own thoughts or stories, this notebook offers inspiration to unleash their creative magic. Jot down the next Back to Hogwarts Day in this book so you'll be ready for next year's celebration.

This is a great option for craft lovers. The Woobles Harry Potter collection will walk you through each step of crocheting iconic characters like Harry Potter, Dumbledore and Voldemort, as well as their companions Hedwig, Fawkes and Nagini. The instructions are easy to follow, and the kit comes with all the materials you need, including custom crochet hooks. You can also buy the individual characters if you don't want the bundle (which is admittedly pricey). 

Another gift option for the scent-obsessed: these Harry Potter house-themed bar soaps from Dr. Squatch. Each one takes on colors and characteristics from its respective house. For example, Gryffindor's red soap has a warm, spicy scent, inspired by the common room fire. You can buy each soap individually if you're a subscriber; otherwise, you can get the 4-pack for $32, or display them in a collector's box for $40 (which is currently out of stock). 

There is one wand that adds a bit more magic to your home. The Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand lets you do spells that appear on your smart home devices like your TV, lights and speakers. After pairing the wand to a companion app, you can do different gestures for spells like Lumos, Expelliarmus and Wingardium Leviosa. You can also cast a Patronus on your TV. Note that this wand does come at a hefty price, but it's sure to make any Potterhead happy -- especially if they don't have to pay for it.