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Harry Potter Candle Collection From Homesick Launches With Huge Discount

Potter fans with a taste for nice candles are about to be very happy.

Russell Holly/CNET

It's pretty easy to find a nerd-themed candle these days. Grab a butterscotch candle, slap a Butterbeer logo on it and you're off to the races. Amazon is filled with generic candles packing snarky sayings from drop shippers, but the candles themselves typically aren't actually all that great. The folks at Homesick have been crushing it this year with their fandom candles, offering quality scents that actually line up with the candle's theme and delivering a great visual treat when you reach the bottom of the jar. 

On Wednesday, the company is announcing a new Harry Potter collection as well as a significant discount if you buy the whole collection. Each of the Hogwarts houses are represented in this collection, in addition to a large tri-wick candle to represent the school itself and a clever sorting hat air freshener for your car. If you grab all five candles today, you save $50.

Here's the breakdown of each scent, according to Homesick. 

  • Gryffindor ($44): Scarlet and gold accent every inch of the walls. Notes of smoked cedar escape the fireplace as cinnamon layers determination and bravery into each student.
  • Slytherin ($44): Tucked in the Dungeons, next to The Black Lake, live a group of students whose ambitions are top of class. The faint smell of dark plum and oud set a cunning tone.
  • Ravenclaw ($44): Crystalline light soars through the common room's arches, setting the scene for the students within. Old library parchment intertwines with cleansing sage. 
  • Hufflepuff ($44): Home to the most loyal and dedicated students. Chamomile and burnt sugar waft from The Kitchens as fern leaves and dandelions drape from the ceiling.
  • Hogwarts Triwick ($75): Wet stone and lush greens surround the castle. Moving staircases and floating ghosts are just the start of the magic inside.
  • Sorting Hat Air Freshener ($12): Sitting on a mantel surrounded by books, composing a song for the new arrivals. The first step towards each students' house starts here. 

If you're experiencing some sticker shock, you're not alone.  To pay for the official licensing, themed candles from Homesick are always a little more expensive than the company's standard versions. But as candles go, they last quite awhile. Homesick says its candles are a soy wax blend with a 100% cotton wick that will burn for 60 to 80 hours for the standard size and 110 to 150 hours for the tri-wick. 

Thematically, there's a lot to love here. For example, it's cool Hufflepuff isn't just a generic vanilla like we've seen in so many other scent collections. And when these candles burn down, the back of the label reveals some very cool art to line up with whichever option you choose, making them great artsy display pieces on reusable glass jars.

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