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Behold the Guitendo guitar made from a Nintendo game console

Watch as musician Rob Scallon plays the Super Mario Bros. theme song on a guitar made from an NES.

Rocking out on an NES guitar means you can also play the Super Mario Bros. game at the same time.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

If you want to make a memorable musical tribute to the Super Mario Bros. video game, you might as well play it on a guitar built using a Nintendo Entertainment System.

That's exactly what musician and YouTuber Rob Scallon did in his music video, posted on Sunday. 

In the video, Scallon plays the Mario Bros. theme on something called a Guitendo, a working guitar that has a NES player as its base. 

"It's not just a functional guitar, it's also a functional Nintendo," Scallon said in the video. "It has the new midi NES in it and it's modded, so it works."

In another video posted Monday, Scallon talks more about the Guitendo guitar and shows how you can play music and games at the same time.

Scallon plays the Super Mario Bros. theme song while his fellow YouTuber WheezyWaiter plays the game via a controller plugged into the modded guitar.

Fans interested in buying their own Guitendo can get one for a mere $449 (around £351, AU$618) on Reverb.com.

The Guitendo is "a six-string electric guitar with a fixed bridge, single humbucking or single coil pickup, and volume knob," according to the product description. "It is available in right- or left-handed configuration at no additional charge." 

Fans can also order baritone and bass instruments, and have them modded out using other gaming consoles including the SNES, Famicom, PlayStation and Sega. 

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