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Make your own Mad Max flamethrower ukulele

No need to move to a violent, post-apocalyptic desert wasteland to rock out like a warrior. Learn how to make a flamethrower ukulele that would impress even the likes of Doof.

C'mon baby, light my ukulele! Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

There are so many memorable moments from the action-packed " Mad Max: Fury Road," it's hard to decide which one stands out the most as the fan favorite.

When we were treated to Doof Warrior's fire-bursting guitar, though, we knew it wouldn't be long before a fan replicated the musical instrument of mass destruction.

Talented fan Caleb Kraft was so inspired by the guitar that he decided to make a flamethrower ukulele in honor of Doof and posted a video on YouTube late last week.

"I didn't want to try to replicate exactly what he had, and I also wanted to scale things down to be marginally safer," Kraft said on Make Zine. "My version can be built from hardware store parts in a very short amount of time."

Any kind of ukulele will work for this project. But you'll also need to pick up a butane canister, electrical tape, zip ties, a metal hose, shapelock, a caulking gun and an igniter. Be sure to have a drill, hot glue gun, and kettle on hand as well.

Make your own musical weapon with these materials. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Keep in mind, this craft project is on the dangerous side, so get rid of any flammable materials from your workspace before beginning, and keep a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case.

Follow along with the video below and consult the full instructions on how to make your own flamethrower ukulele. Just remember to blow out the flames in between ignitions and to refrain from wearing hairspray while strumming.