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Behold the 'Rick and Morty' Rickmobile rolling to your town

"Rick and Morty" are touring the US with the Rickmobile -- a mobile shop with limited quantity merch. You can't miss it; it's a giant Rick.

Traffic is about to get a dose of "Rick and Morty" with the touring Rickmobile.

If you love the Adult Swim animated comedy series "Rick and Morty," keep your eyes peeled for a huge Rick.

The Rickmobile is a traveling mobile shop that comes equipped with limited merchandise. No word on what kind of items the store will have available yet, but it will likely heavily feature the alcoholic scientist and his easily manipulated grandson.

The Rickmobile looks like a bizarre giant Rick. As the character is perched on the back of the car, drivers tailing it will see the giant Rick staring them down with his big bulging eyes.

Beginning on May 11 in Atlanta, the Rickmobile will travel across the US ending up at New York Comic Con in New York City on October 8.

Check out the official website to see if the Rickmobile will be rolling through your town.