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'Rick and Morty,' McDonald's Szechuan sauce and the internet

It's possibly the most Dan Harmon thing to ever happen.

Adult Swim

Two decades ago, McDonald's released a promotional Szechuan-flavoured dipping sauce for McNuggets as a tie-in with Disney's "Mulan". Then the sauce got mentioned in the third season premier of cult hit "Rick and Morty," and things escalated quickly.

The show's creator, Dan Harmon, pulled what I thought was the most Dan Harmon of moves possible in dropping the third season premier on April 1 totally unannounced. That was before the episode went to great pains to explain the quality of the McNugget sauce which hasn't been available since 1998.

The dimension-hopping protagonist in the show, Rick Sanchez, and an insectoid alien voiced by Nathan Fillion both go nuts for the spicy sauce. While the McDonald's Szechuan sauce might not actually be Rick Sanchez's raison d'etre, it sure is the latest thing the internet is taking far too seriously.

Now we're looking at dozens of eBay auctions of people claiming to be selling the sauce, a petition to bring it back with 25,000 signatures at time of writing, DIY recipes and thousands of tweets begging for that sweet, sweet #szechuansauce.

Of course, "Rick and Morty" knows that it's on to something. Looks like McDonald's does too.