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Build a Portal Gun from 'Rick & Morty' on the cheap

Latest episode of "DIY Prop Shop" shows you how to make a weapon prop from the Adult Swim animated comedy series "Rick & Morty."

If you like the idea of following the misadventures of an alcoholic scientist and his easily-manipulated grandson as they haphazardly travel through parallel universes, then you'll love the Adult Swim animated comedy series "Rick & Morty."

On the latest episode of the show "DIY Prop Shop," do-it-yourself host Odin Abbott shows viewers how to make Rick's Portal Gun, for around $14 (about £10, AU $19).

In the show, the Portal Gun is a hand-held device that shoots a green portal on to any surface, and allows Rick and Morty to travel between infinite dimensions in the show.

The gadget consists of three emitters in the front of the gun, a red LED display, a black knob and a green plasma tube on top.

For this episode, posted on Break's YouTube channel on Monday, Abbott uses such simple materials as PVC pipe, green plastic shot glasses and a bubble wand. You can download the template for this build here.

Past episodes of "DIY Prop Shop" have shown crafty fans how to make a Star Wars X-Wing helmet, a "Necronomicon" grimoire, the M41-A Pulse Rifle from "Aliens," an Iron Man arc reactor, a hoverboard prop from "Back to the Future Part II" and a sonic screwdriver from "Doctor Who" using everyday items.