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  • One tough (and fast) portable drive
    CalDigit Tuff
  • Extreme speed in a tiny (expensive) package
    Glyph Atom RAID SSD
  • This cheap SSD will make old PCs feel like new
    Plextor S2C
  • A good (if ho-hum) external hard drive
    WD My Book (Fall 2016)
  • SSD with jaw-dropping speed comes at a high price
    Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD
  • Affordable, efficient and fast
    Crucial MX300 SSD
  • The premier USB 3.0 external drive
    Seagate Backup Plus Hub
  • EzeeCube media center is expandable, flexible and expensive
  • Very fast SSD performance at a slight premium
    Samsung SSD 750 Evo
  • G-Drive negotiates middle ground between storage capability and affordability
    G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C
  • This SSD will put your current traditional hard drive to shame
    Plextor M7V SSD
  • A fast, durable and flexible portable drive
    G-Tech G-Drive ev ATC w/Thunderbolt
  • Fast performance at a low cost
    Plextor M6V SSD
  • A great SSD for the budget-minded
    OCZ Trion 100 series solid-state drive
  • An excellent upgrade to any hard drive
    Transcend SSD370S
  • Fast and secure with easy encryption unlocking
    Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC
  • Large, affordable and versatile
    WD Elements Portable drive