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Samsung D410

Masculine looks aside, the Samsung D410 sliding camera phone is a step up from the previous sliding phones.

Samsung D500

Samsung's D500 is a sophisticated-looking slider phone with a great built-in digital camera and a decent MP3 player. A few extras wouldn't have gone astray, though.

Samsung Z510

Samsung’s Z510 shows that new generation phones can be slim and sexy without skimping on performance -- say farewell to the 3G bricks of old.

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Samsung Omnia 7

If you're shopping for a Windows Phone, the Omnia 7 should be close to the top of your list, if only for its superb AMOLED touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note's huge size is both its biggest asset and its biggest drawback. If you can live with its hugeness, the Note is one of the more powerful and flexible Android phones out there.

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Samsung Galaxy S

Sure, it looks like an iPhone, but on the inside the Galaxy S is a web-browsing, media-playing beast of a smartphone, and one of the best Android phones in Australia today.

Samsung SCH-u740

The Samsung SCH-u740's dual-flip design and QWERTY keyboard are great for text-messaging fans, and its impressive feature set seals its deal as one of Verizon's strongest multimedia handsets.

Samsung Beat DJ

Samsung's Beat DJ sports some interesting and well-implemented features, but the user interface isn't uniformly polished and the sound quality isn't all we'd hoped for. A beautiful AMOLED touchscreen, however, makes it a decent twist on a standard budget touchscreen phone

Samsung SGH-C417

The Samsung SGH-C417 is a good choice for low-end cell phone users looking for a functional handset with just a few extras.

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Samsung Galaxy Gio

The Samsung Galaxy Gio is outstanding value for money, basically delivering last year's best smartphone experience in a cheaper, affordable package.

Samsung X830

The compact contours of the X830 make it a conversation starter, but usability has been sacrificed for looks.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

The Samsung Galaxy Mini won't suit demanding smart-phone users. Still, this cheap and cheerful addition to the Galaxy stable is a viable option for newcomers to the Android scene.

Samsung G800

This chunky mobile snapper is an attractive slider phone that, although large, is easy to hold and use. The G800's camera comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a standalone digital camera but it's not a complete replacement just yet. The xenon flash just isn't as bright as we'd hoped for and unless you're standing close to the subject it doesn't illuminate the scene that well

Samsung i200

The Samsung i200 is one of those devices that is instantly appealing due to its slim profile, responsive keypad, and HSDPA support. It lacks Wi-Fi and GPS, uses a proprietary port for headphones and its 2-megapixel camera is not what you'd call ground-breaking.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

We expect a lot more phone at this price. The Ace looks and feels good, and executes the basics with ease, but it really needs greater support for multimedia to be worth what Telstra expects us to pay.

Samsung Wave 723

The Samsung Wave 723 is a perfectly serviceable touchscreen phone with a good selection of features, but there are too many cheap, powerful Android phones that do the same job and lots more

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