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Nokia E71

With its combination of excellent features and performance, matched with sleek design and its affordable price tag, Nokia's E71 manages to outshine recently released smartphones as our business phone of choice.

Nokia 6234

The Vodafone-exclusive Nokia 6234 is a capable, music-centric mobile phone that performs its core tasks well. At the same time, it's really nothing that exciting.

Nokia N86 8MP

Though it's well designed and solidly built, the N86 is a tough phone to get excited about. Its AU$949 price tag is a bit ritzy for what you get.

Nokia X7

The Nokia X7's exterior is a treat for the eyes, but its internal components are a different story. A weak processor and outdated Symbian operating system mean this smart phone isn't a match for the iPhone or many Android devices.

Nokia 5230

A cheaper version of the 5800 XpressMusic, the Nokia 5230 is acceptable as an entry-level smart phone, but its design quirks and lack of Wi-Fi are hard to swallow.

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic may look quite funky and have decent music features, but it's let down by a relatively poor camera and short battery life. If you want a phone that lets you listen to tunes on the go there are much better options out there

Nokia N8

Nokia has built a superb phone in the N8, with a class-leading camera and excellent connectivity, but has spoiled the whole package with its half-baked Symbian^3 software.

Nokia 6500 Slide

The Nokia 6500 Slide is an attractive 3G phone, but despite features like video-out it's like dressing your daggy uncle in a nice suit.

Nokia N76

The Nokia N76 may have great smartphone features, top-notch dual screens and good music performance, but it's marred by some bizarre design decisions and below-par battery life

Nokia N81

Similar to a Volvo, the N81 is a strong performer in a a boxy chassis. Eight gigabytes of storage is great, and the music player is on par with its competitors. The real question is: are you a Volvo driver?

Nokia 1616

The 1616 is the cheapest brand-name phone we know of in Australia, and for some this will be reason enough to buy it, but we'd like to see a camera and web browser included.

Nokia E60

The E60 packs a huge range of features into fairly nondescript casing. Bucking the trend for showy, thin, colourful handsets, it has more to offer than many of its more egotistical counterparts

Nokia 7210 Supernova

The Nokia 7210 Supernova is colourful and thin, but its low-end features, flimsy feel and poor-quality photos and video prevent it from floating our boat. If it were cheaper, it would be a good backup phone that you wouldn't mind losing on a night out. As it is, there are too many superior competitors

Nokia 7310 Supernova

The Nokia 7310 Supernova is basic in every way; in its design, features and performance.

Nokia 6131

The Nokia 6131 is easy to use due to its large keys and bright screen. With an expandable microSD slot, storage isn't a problem and communicating with other devices is also made easy by the Bluetooth, EDGE, infrared and GPRS connectivity. Overall this phone is what Nokia should focus on: simple-to-use phones with good feature sets

Nokia 8800 Arte

The 8800 Arte is a beautifully crafted phone, but without the high-end specs of others in the Nokia family, it's definitely not one for specification hungry tech-heads.

Nokia E72

Built to last, packing plenty of features, and sporting one of the best physical keyboards you're likely to find on any handset of its type, the E72 will be hard to beat if you're seeking a messaging phone

Nokia 6700 Slide

The Noka 6700 Slide is a solid device in most respects. While the camera is something of a let-down, it is intuitive to use and offers some neat features. However, you could pick up a similarly-featured touchscreen phone for the same price.

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