HolidayBuyer's Guide

Best desktops of 2016

Desktop PCs come in many shapes and sizes, from huge gaming towers to tiny Stick...

Also recommended

  • Pricey Surface Studio can teach iMac a few good tricks
    Microsoft Surface Studio
  • A VR-ready mini monster in a suitcase
    Acer Predator G1
  • A big performer in a big case
    CybertronPC CLX Ra
  • A compact powerhouse for VR and more
    Falcon Northwest FragBox (2016)
  • A full-size, full-power, VR-ready desktop tower
    Origin PC Millennium (2016)
  • A lot of VR-ready desktop in a small package
    Alienware Aurora
  • VR chops in an aggressive design
    Acer Predator G6