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Tumblr launches monthly subscription tool Post Plus

Creators can charge $4, $6 or $10 a month for exclusive content.

Tumblr launched Post Plus, designed to let creators make money with exclusive content. 

Tumblr is debuting its first monthly subscription service, with Gen Z in mind. Post Plus is a new paid feature that lets content creators charge followers a monthly subscription to access exclusive content. 

"Post+ is the only place where Gen Z creators can find support from the community they built -- on the same platform," a Tumblr spokesperson said Wednesday.

Tumblr creators can charge $4, $6 or $10 a month for exclusive content, but free content isn't going anywhere. Post Plus subscribers can like, comment and reblog Plus Posts, and get alerts when their favorite creators post new Post Plus videos, images and more. Users can also share their feedback on the Post Plus feature.

The microblogging site is the latest platform looking to woo creators with subscription tools that help them earn money. This year, both Twitter and Facebook have launched services that let people publish subscription newsletters.

Post Plus launches in beta on Wednesday. However, the only way Tumblr users can see Post Plus content now is if they follow a content creator who's a part of the testing group.