Week in review: An iPhone prototype walks into a bar...

A lost or stolen prototype of what may be the next iPhone leads to a mess of trouble. Meanwhile, Facebook unveils "Open Graph," and McAfee screws up an antivirus update.

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In one of the more intriguing tech tales of late, a blog site ended up in possession of what is believed to be a prototype iPhone 4G that was either left, lost, or stolen in a Silicon Valley bar.

Last weekend, Engadget posted photos of what appeared to be a yet-to-be-announced, next-generation Apple device that was allegedly found on the floor of a bar in San Jose, Calif. A tipster had apparently sent the photos to the gadget blog for posting.

Come Monday morning, Engadget rival Gizmodo upped the ante and said it was actually in possession of what appeared to be the same device, claiming it was from "someone" who found it on the floor of a bar in Redwood City, Calif.

Nick Denton, CEO of Gizmodo parent company Gawker Media, later acknowledged that he paid $5,000 to the person who possessed the phone after it was reportedly lost in a bar by an Apple software engineer Gray Powell. One publication has even noted that Gawker may have violated California laws on the buying of "stolen property."

Gizmodo sent the device to Apple following a request from the company's legal chief, which Gizmodo called verification of the device's authenticity.
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