Huawei says US has 'loser's attitude' because it can't compete

Chairman Guo Ping tells reporters the US government just wants to "smear" Huawei.

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China's Telecom Giant Huawei Reports Earning In Shenzhen

Huawei reported record revenue for 2018 on Friday.

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Huawei slammed the US on Friday for having a "loser's attitude" as it reported revenue of more than $100 billion for 2018.

Rotating Chairman Guo Ping made the comments, reported by CNBC, as the US pressures its allies to exclude the Chinese telecom from their 5G rollouts.

"The US government has a loser's attitude," he told reporters. "They want to smear Huawei because they can't compete with us."

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His comments relate to US allegations that Huawei's products are being used to spy for China through built-in backdoors that let intelligence agents access data. Guo said this would be "suicide" for his company, according to CNBC.

"We have no intention of committing suicide," he said.

On Thursday, a British watchdog's report noted that Huawei's networking products represent a  "significantly increased risk to UK operators." Guo downplayed that report in an interview with Bloomberg.

The company's 2018 net profit hit 59.3 billion yuan ($8.8 billion), a rise of 25 percent compared with 2017. The company also reported sales of 721.2 billion yuan ($107.13 billion). It shipped more than 200 million smartphones in 2018 and launched its P30 series this week in Paris.

The White House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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